OptiFour Advisory Board


The mission of the Advisory Board is to represent the voice of the client as part of OptiFour’s business planning process. It is our goal to help OptiFour understand what it is like to work with them, what’s valuable and why, and what’s not.

We help OptiFour tailor and develop its services to more effectively support its clients, and to help it grow.

We provide our interpretation and assessment of the image OptiFour projects through its marketing and communications.

We give guidance to OptiFour on how to best develop and tailor its services in order to create the most value for clients like us. The primary opportunity to offer this guidance will be through the periodic Board meetings, but if we have observations or experiences that may benefit OptiFour, we will communicate those as they arise.

We help OptiFour develop, evaluate and promote new services and strategies that will attract clients. We do this at Board meetings by participating in thoughtful discussion, brainstorming, and candid feedback.