About Us

At OptiFour Integrated Wealth Management, our name tells our story. We optimize and integrate the four pillars of our clients’ financial lives: their wealth management, insurance, tax, and legal needs.

Prior to 1997, however, this wasn’t so easy. Clients constantly found themselves playing the middleman between their accountants, their attorneys, and their financial advisors. No matter how well each professional did their job, a fundamental lack of integration kept clients’ financial lives divided in distant silos.

OptiFour Integrated Wealth Management was founded to provide a simple and strategic solution to this ever-present problem. Through our multidisciplinary approach to planning, clients can optimize and integrate every aspect of their financial lives. While providing our wealth management and financial planning expertise, we partner with our esteemed sister company, Cohen and Burnett P.C., to connect clients with a full suite of legal and tax services.

Our qualified, credentialed, and experienced team quarterbacks every strategy and solution. Rather than passing off responsibilities or designating tasks to outside parties, we do everything in-house. When you call our firm with questions, you can have confidence that we have the right answers.

Our Focus

Based in McLean, Virginia, we serve individuals, families, and business owners throughout the Washington D.C Metro Area and across the United States.

We strive to simplify the complexities of your financial life so you can focus on the things you value most. We make it our mission to bring clarity to your current financial situation and the goals you hope to achieve, along with the knowledge and guidance needed to make them a reality.

As a team, we will walk beside you through all stages of life’s journey. We believe your goals, business commitments, and family situation deserve unique solutions that are customized to you and adaptable to change. When your life evolves, so should your strategies.

OptiFour Integrated Wealth Management: Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor 2018

Our Unique Value Proposition